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When the shaft seal shows signs of excessive oil leakage, it should be replaced. Before attempting replacement of the shaft seal, the pump must be disconnected from the vacuum system and the power outlet.

1. DRAIN oil out of pump and dispose of in an environmentally approved manner.
2. REMOVE belt guard, pulley, pulley shaft key, old shaft seal and shaft seal seal gasket. All parts of old seal must be removed. Avoid damage to the shaft and seating surface on vacuum pump casing.
3. Examine shaft and pump pulley keyways for burrs, damage or sharp edges to eliminate if necessary. Clean very thoroughly the shaft and surface where the seal gasket rests. Scotch bright or similar non-marring cleaning method should be employed. A good surface means longer life for the new shaft seal.
4. Place new shaft seal gasket on the gasket surface of pump. DO NOT CEMENT.
5. Lubricate inside of shaft seal with HyVac vacuum pump oil. Lubricate shaft itself also with HyVac Pump oil. Slide shaft seal slowly and carefully over end of shaft and onto the shaft until shaft seal seats pump seal housing and against where the gasket rests.

CAUTION: Do not use adhesive tape on shaft to protect seal.

6. Carefully center shaft seal with shaft by eye.
7. Align 4 screw holes and tighten the four shaft seal mounting screws evenly.
8. Allow pump with new seal to SIT WITHOUT RUNNING for a minimum of 30 minutes to allow seal to grip shaft. Failure to do so may result in premature failure of seal and / or leaks.
9. Re-assemble pulley, pulley shaft key and belt guard. Refill pump with HyVac Pump oil to correct level. Check oil level when pump is running. Also check the alignment of the pump pulley to the motor drive pulley. There should be no wobble. Drive function should be straight and true.

Repairs of a minor nature can often be accomplished in the field provided parts involved in these repairs are made accessible to the user. Such repairs often circumvent the necessity for costly breakdowns or delays. Repair kits have been made available for the purpose of providing the owner of a HyVac Vacuum pump with those parts which can be easily replaced, are most easily subjected to breakage or wear and involve only minor repair. Parts constituting the internal mechanism of the pump which would require complete pump disassembly for replacement are not included.


USED ON HyVac PUMPS 2/7/7s. - P36378-SHAFT SEAL, 5/8" DIA.
                                                    P36377-SHAFT SEAL GASKET.

USED ON HyVac PUMPS 14/14s/28/28s/45/45s. - P36379-SHAFT SEAL, 3/4" DIA.
                                                                           P36381-SHAFT SEAL GASKET.

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