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To protect and enhance your valuable mechanical vacuum pump and product.

Vacuum pumps perform better and last longer when used with the appropriate inlet trap or filter. In addition, the selection of an exhaust filter will eliminate oil mist and possible pollutants from the work area.   Because water, solvent vapor and particulates are the main contaminants in most vacuum pumps these traps are all designed to help protect your pump from these various contaminates.  Use of these traps will undoubtedly lengthen your pumps life and utility.  In some systems consideration should be given to employment of different traps in series.  The correct decision on element construction can often help reduce a problem applications impact on pump life.

HyVac Inlet Traps (VIT)
HyVac's Vacuum Inlet Traps (VIT) protect vacuum pumps from foreign materials to insure the highest quality air is entering the pump. The transparent sumps show when to change the insert element. VITs are simple to maintain - allows for changing elements without removing from the vacuum system. Two sump sizes, 4" and 9" are offered. 4" serves vacuum pumps up to a capacity of 100 l/m. The 9" serves vacuum pumps ranging in capacity from 150 to 500 l/m. The traps incorporate a styrene clear bowl and a poly propylene head.  A polypropylene bowl is also available.  The pumps have 3/4" FNPT openings on them that we typically put a 3/4" Hose fitting in prior to shipping.  We optionally have the same traps with NW16, NW25 and NW40 connections in aluminum or 304 SS.

MAT Series

The Molecular Sieve trap is a foreline trap which employs synthetic zeolites (molecular sieve (13X) as an adsorbent. The large surface area of the 13X) sieve, and its large pore size of 10 to 13 angstroms produce excellent adsorption of water vapor, oil vapor and other larger gas molecules found in the vacuum line.  HyVac only sells inline "bankable" traps because these are the best choice for most systems and allow for in-situ regeneration and clean out.

Molecular sieve traps have been in commercial use since the early 1960's. They were used to prevent oil back streaming and reduce the base vacuum limited by water vapor. A typical application was to start a sputter-ion pump at room temperature when the use of a sorption pump was not practical. Today, the modern (MAT) trap when used properly is still very effective in reducing or preventing back streaming from rotary vane pumps and is very widely used.

ATN Series

A demountable reservoir-type, liquid nitrogen cold trap designed for use with a rotary vane mechanical pump. Since the trapping of water and oil vapor is so complete and irreversible at LN2 temperatures, base vacuum in the high 10-6 Torr range can be achieved. The liquid nitrogen reservoir can be removed for cleaning from the top via a quick clamp O-ring flange. An NW16 side port can be used for diagnostics, gauges or venting. For ease of installation in a system or platform, mounting tabs are provided on the trap body. These tabs fit the optional steel mounting plate ATN400-MP. Liquid nitrogen capacity of the reservoir is nominally one liter. Construction is of electro-polished 304 stainless steel.

DIT - Series

A convenient, low-cost way to trap excess condensable vapors that can enter the mechanical vacuum pump. This table-top trap can also be used for some sample freeze-drying. Dry-ice and alcohol is combined to produce a slurry in the 3-quart trap well. The surface of which can reach -75 degree C that will condense most volatile materials.  This system can also serve as a small vacuum chamber due to it's flexible design.

The trapping surface of the center well is visible during operation through the top view ring. Defrost and clean up is made easy by lifting out the trapping well after venting.

Construction is of 304 stainless steel that has been electro-polished. The outer body wall is of .065 in. thick and is stainless steel with welded-in ports. The cold well has a acrylic plastic cover.  We have an all metal vacuum rings also in aluminum.

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