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HyVac Technical Support For Vacuum Pumps

Direct Drive Pumps Help and Information Topics Close to Your Heart
  1. Why this document and how it works.
  2. The customer has a pump with a problem and doesn’t know what model it is.
  3. The customer has a pump problem and knows what model the pump is. Pick pump model from the left side of this screen.
  4. Startup Procedure Simple, Complex.
  5. The customer has an application that he needs a pump for.
  6. The customer needs to match the size of a pump for an application.
  7. The customer has a problems with the application.  
  8. The customer has a problem application and needs advice on solutions.
  9. What’s in the repair kit and how is it installed.
  10. Tell me about the vacuum pump oils available.
  11. All about vacuum gauges.
  12. All about vacuum hose or tubing.
  13. What about those vacuum fittings.
  14. What is vacuum pressure? Conversion tables and software programs available.
  15. I can’t reach the pressure I want.
  16. What’s a trap? What’s it do?
  17. How do I keep water, solvents, other stuff out of my pump.
  18. Why a 2-Stage or 1-Stage pump?
  19. What accessories do you have?
  20. Even more questions not answered here.
  21. Shaft Seal Conversions from old style to new style.
  22. Other Frequently Asked Questions from real users.
  23. Height above sea level vs some gauge readings
  24. Water and Its' Physical Nature
  25. What Is Pressure?
  26. Rubber/Elastomer vs Chemical Compatibility
  27. Worldwide Voltage Frequency Chart
  28. Vapor Pressure Chart Mercury (Hg)
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