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The following files use Adobe Acrobat to review.  They can be either read from here or downloaded for reading and printing at you computer.  You will need a copy of the Adobe reader which is freely available on the WWW or can be found at Adobes' web site for free download.  Once you have the reader,  you can see and print all "PDF" files. We have found this to be the easiest way to give this information out to the market place.  There will be further expansion of PDF files and information/technical drawings as time goes by.
Direct Drive Vacuum Pumps
HyperVac 100-1500 (discontinued) DD_PDF_0001
HyperVac 2100-21500 (2000 Series)
30L Vacuum Pump DD_PDF_0008
55L Vacuum Pump  DD_PDF_0016
Trap Plate Vacuum Pumps
PressoVac Vacuum Pump  BD_PDF_0002
HyVac 1 Vacuum Pump  BD_PDF_0008
MegaVac Vacuum Pump  BD_PDF_0016
Belt Drive Vacuum Pumps 2 Stage
HyVac 2 Vacuum Pump  BD_PDF_0024
HyVac 7 Vacuum Pump  BD_PDF_0029
HyVac 14 Vacuum Pump  BD_PDF_0036
HyVac 28 Vacuum Pump  BD_PDF_0042
HyVac 45 Vacuum Pump  BD_PDF_0048
Belt Drive Vacuum Pumps 1 Stage
HyVac 7s Vacuum Pump  BD_PDF_0054
HyVac 14s Vacuum Pump BD_PDF_0059
HyVac 28s Vacuum Pump  BD_PDF_0066
HyVac 45s Vacuum Pump  BD_PDF_0072

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